Second International Symposium on Social Egg Freezing: Barcelona 2015

On March 6, Barcelona hosted the second International Symposium on Social Egg Freezing, a conference that brought together 320 healthcare professionals from 13 countries. The congress, organised by Eugin Clinic, addressed the current state of fertility preservation for social reasons on an international level.

In Spain, as in all over the developed world, delaying motherhood is becoming a large-scale socio-cultural trend. Unfortunately, delaying motherhood might come at the expense of being able to have a successful pregnancy. Up to 7% of women in Spain will suffer PIC, Permanent Involuntary Childlessness, which means that they will not have a child with their own oocytes without ever having intended to be childless.

As age related infertility increases in our society, more and more women around the world elect to freeze their oocytes while their reproductive potential is still viable, in order to retrieve them later in life. However, there is a still lot of research to carry out in order to understand the medical, ethical, social, and psychological implications of social egg freezing.

You can find more information on the symposium website (, and we encourage you to re-visit it often for updates and news.