Human Reproduction publishes the letter to the editor signed by members of the EBART group requesting the application of evidence-based medicine in Assisted Reproduction Techniques

In April 2016, Barcelona hosted the first EBART international congress. Led by the Eugin Group, the event was conceived with the clear aim of discussing and evaluating the appropriateness of the application of the Assisted Reproduction Techniques available in accordance with the scientific evidence that supports them. With a record attendance – more than 300 professionals from all over the world came to the meeting – the congress was brought to a close with the firm resolve to issue a call for compliance with evidence-based medicine in the field of assisted reproduction.

For this purpose, all the speakers at the EBART Congress signed a letter to the editor of Human Reproduction, which some of the attendees at the meeting also signed. The letter was published in the November issue of Human Reproduction and may be consulted by clicking on this link.