Wouldn’t it be better to use fresh semen?

When ICSI is performed, especially in the context of an IVF cycle with donor oocytes, the likelihood of success is the same after using fresh semen as when frozen semen is used. In order to guarantee these good results, a routine sperm thaw test will be performed, which generally speaking will have been brought by the man during the first visit to the clinic. In the cases in which this test does not turn out to be favourable, or when for other medical reasons it is deemed appropriate, a new fresh sample will be requested on the day of follicular puncture.

The systematic use of fresh semen can cause some drawbacks of an organizational nature. One of them is that the day of the donor’s egg retrieval is usually communicated just 1 or 2 days in advance, so the time to organize the trip to Barcelona to leave the sample will be rather limited. Another drawback would be that, in the event of not having enough mature oocytes on the day of egg retrieval, the man would have travelled to the clinic in vain and would have to return in the subsequent days when another donor has been assigned. All this means that we do not recommend using fresh semen as a matter of course but that it is dependent on the medical advice, or even the patients’ wishes, provided that they know the limitations that this may entail.

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