How does the stimulation for insemination and IVF work?

How does remote stimulation monitoring work?

After your first visit, the doctor will give you a detailed written protocol with all the instructions on how everything works. During your stimulation cycle you will be in frequent TELEPHONE contact with the coordination team.

Before starting the treatment, both your medical and administrative dossiers must be complete and we recommend that you have all the medicines we have prescribed ready at home so you do not have any problems during the stimulation.

During the different stages, according to the treatment prescribed, you will need to administer subcutaneous injections to the abdomen. On the day of your first visit we will provide you with a pen drive or USB memory stick with a demonstration of how to prepare and inject the different medicines. You will also have to do several follicular controls (every 48-72 hours) so we can evaluate the ovarian response. These check-ups may be carried out at the clinic if you live in Barcelona or wish to stay in the city. Alternatively you may carry them out in your city and must communicate the results to be able to decide when is the right time for you to come to the Clinic.

To inform us of the results of the follicular controls from Monday to Friday we need you to telephone us before 18:00 so that the Clinic’s doctor can give you the instructions on the treatment you need to follow on that same day. At weekends or on bank holidays, the complete follicular control must be carried out before 13:00 (see “What are the normal business hours and bank holidays in Barcelona?”).

Once the ovarian response that is required for the desired technique has been achieved, we will tell you how and when to come to the clinic (around 48 hours between the last control and the day of the procedure).

Why do I have to have an ultrasound and hormone study before every follicular control?

Each follicular control consists of:

  1.  An ultrasound to measure the diameter of each ovarian follicle and the thickness of the endometrium.
  2. An analysis to determine your hormone levels.

The ultrasound is a visual control which helps us to check that the follicles are growing correctly. With this analysis we are able to see how the follicles are maturing. During the long distance monitoring, we need these examinations to be carried out on the same day to help us to make exact decisions about the next steps (programming the technique, its cancellation in the case of anomalous development, etc…).

Can I know in advance when I will need to go to Barcelona for my insemination or my follicular punction?

Each woman responds differently to each stimulation cycle. The treatment protocol is adapted according to the technique (AID/AIH or IVF), age, background, follicular reserves, etc, and we cannot predict with precision, or very far in advance, when you will have to come to the Clinic. Generally, the insemination treatment is shorter than IVF and by doing the follicular controls we will be able to give you more precise instructions.