Why do patients from all over the world come to our clinic in Spain?

Foreign patients come to Spain to carry out Assisted Reproduction for several reasons.

A particular marital status: In some countries, a single woman, either without a male partner or with a female partner or even an unmarried couple, cannot undergo an Assisted Reproduction Treatment. In Spain, the marital status or sexual orientation of the patient is not taken into account.

Age of the patient: In some countries, IVF with the recipient’s own eggs is not carried out on patients over 40-41 years of age and egg reception cannot be carried out on patients over 45. At EUGIN Clinic we accept patients for IVF with their own eggs up until the age of 46 and egg reception up until 50 years of age. It is worth noting that in Spain there is no age limit for recipient patients, however at EUGIN Clinic our Ethics Committee have weighed up the medical advantages and disadvantages and have taken the decision to limit the age to 50.

Difficulty or restriction in carrying out the technique in the patient’s country: In some countries the reception of donated eggs is a long and complicated process, or even a prohibited process.

In Spain, human reproduction is constituted within the law 14/2006 related to Assisted Reproduction Techniques:

The basic end result of Assisted Reproduction Techniques is a medical treatment for human sterility. This technique is used when other therapeutic measures have shown inadequate or inefficient results.
Assisted Reproduction can also be used to prevent and treat genetic or hereditary illnesses. This procedure is used when there is sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic guarantee of a successful outcome which is medically recommended.
There are chances of a successful result, which do not involve a serious risk for the woman or the possible children. Women donors must be over eighteen and in good physical and mental health.