Is the pregnancy rate the same with vitrified oocytes?

Freezing oocytes for their subsequent use is not something that has been thought up recently but is something that has been on the minds of scientists for many years. The absence of the technical means with which to obtain good results was the reason why it was not possible to carry out this undertaking.

However, vitrification, the ultra-rapid freezing technique developed a few years ago, has revolutionised assisted reproduction laboratories. At EUGIN, we obtain oocyte survival rates of >95% after thawing and fertilisation rates of >75% or, in other words, comparable to those obtained with fresh oocytes.

These results agree with those published in the literature. Several studies carried out on a large number of patients have clearly demonstrated that fertilization rates, embryo development and pregnancy with vitrified eggs are the same as those using fresh oocytes. At EUGIN, we achieve pregnancy rates comparable to those cycles performed with fresh oocytes.

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