In Vitro Fertilisation for couples not residing in Barcelona

IVF-ICSI is carried out at the same time by both the gynaecologist and ultrasound professional in the couple’s home town and by EUGIN.

A. Deciding on the technique

At the appointment with the specialist of the centre the case is considered and the suitable technique is chosen (IVF or IVF -ICSI).

When the couple cannot visit EUGIN personally, this consultation is carried out through video conference having previously sent all the available information and complimentary tests (by post, fax or e-mail) to the clinic where the medical team will decide on the most appropriate procedure.

Spermogram (partner’s sperm check): We always recommend freezing a sample; this is stored by the clinic and can be recovered on the day of the 1st visit. This sperm sample will be used for the insemination or ICSI of the acquired eggs if a fresh semen sample is not available for any reason.
The medication for the female partner has to be acquired in the couple’s hometown. This is necessary for the follicular stimulation. EUGIN provides a prescription which has to be issued by a local doctor.

B. Pharmacological stimulation

Ovarian stimulation of the woman can start once the choice of technique, the guidelines for cycle control and the plans for the visit to Barcelona are confirmed.

The treatment guidelines are coordinated via emails, phone or fax. The patient is required to inform the clinic about the start date of the treatment, so as to confirm with us, the medicine that needs to be taken and its dosage. At the same time, EUGIN needs to be aware of the results of the woman’s follicular controls which allows for better coordination of the procedure from Barcelona.

The couple will be informed about the estimated date of the follicular puncture so that they can prepare their visit to the clinic. If necessary, the last check-up can be carried out with us in Barcelona.

C. Follicular aspiration

This procedure allows for the collection of the woman’s eggs. On this day the patient needs to visit EUGIN. Once the aspiration has taken place the patient will be immediately informed about the number of eggs acquired and their characteristics.

If using fresh sperm, it will be necessary to leave a sample on the same day.

D. In Vitro fertilisation laboratory

The laboratory is in charge of selecting the obtained eggs, thawing and preparing the sperm as well as in vitro fertilisation with ICSI.

This takes place in the EUGIN clinic laboratory and, depending on the case, fresh or frozen sperm from the male partner is used. We will inform the partner about the fertilisation result, that is, the number of available embryos and the scheduled date for the transfer.

E. Transfer

Laboratory embryo preparation, selection and transfer of embryos. Carried out between 2 and 5 days after fertilisation.

The couple come to the clinic and the transfer takes place in the operating theatre which is annexed to the laboratory. Only the woman can be present.
The patient can leave the clinic on the same day.

F. Embryo freezing

If there are any embryos left after transfer, and they develop correctly, they will be frozen, and possibly transferred during a new cycle.