Can you choose the educational level, points of interest, height, … of the donor?

At EUGIN Clinic we work with a group of healthy egg donors aged between 18 and 35 who have been selected according to the physical resemblance to the recipient. To do this, we rely on the photos in colour that we request or take when they come to the clinic and on the phenotype form that is filled in on the first visit. We do a “matching” (allocation of donor) case by case and, in accordance with the law, we will respect their phenotype with great attention to detail. The donation is anonymous by law and therefore the clinic will facilitate the information that is important for the management of the pregnancy on the day of the transfer : age, blood group and Rh of the donor. Upbringing, educational level, religion, beliefs or physical skills are not decisive factors when selecting a donor. There are studies on monochorionic twins, who even with the same genetic inheritance, behave differently depending on the upbringing received. Therefore, these aspects are not considered relevant when it comes to selecting a donor.

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