What to do after finishing the treatment

Can I travel after the IVF or insemination?

We recommend that after your treatment you spend the night in Barcelona because it is an emotionally charged day for patients. However, many patients cannot stay, and return home by plane, train or car. There is no problem with transportation (vibration, altitude …). You can travel without having to worry and without having to stay lying down.

What should you avoid after IVF or insemination?

A naturally pregnant woman is unaware of her pregnancy until the following month, and when she does the pregnancy test she will find out that the embryo has developed independently of her lifestyle. Once the embryos have been transferred, an assisted pregnancy is a pregnancy like any other and there is no need to be too cautious. The only thing that we do recommend in the first two weeks is that you avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting.

During the rest of the pregnancy the advice is the same for natural and assisted pregnancies: Avoid stress, eat healthily and avoid foods and beverages such as alcohol, coffee, raw fish, soft cheese, etc.

Sexual relations are not contraindicated, several scientific studies show no difference in pregnancy rates with or without sexual abstinence after the transfer.

The psychological factor then comes into play and it is advisable to keep your mind occupied until your pregnancy test.

¿What should I do if I have mild bleeding and / or pain before the pregnancy test?

You should not worry it has been known to happen. The treatment together with early pregnancy symptoms can cause headaches, fatigue, swollen breasts, fluid retention and mild bleeding. Please be assured that this is neither a good nor a bad sign; it is very common.

Minor bleeding is usually not serious and it is not necessarily a sign of miscarriage. The transfer took place a few days before these symptoms appeared and although the embryos have not yet implanted, it is not something that you are aware of since it does not necessarily cause bleeding. Repeatedly taking vaginal progesterone can irritate and cause some minor bleeding. The pain and fatigue may be a consequence of hormone treatment.

Many pregnant women, either naturally or with fertility treatments, demonstrate these symptoms during the first 3 months of pregnancy. We advise you to rest and relax.

You can consult your gynecologist to see where the slight bleeding has come from. If the bleeding persists and is accompanied by pain, we advise you to do a scan to eliminate rare complications such as ectopic pregnancies.

What happens if I don’t feel anything during these 2 weeks?

Each woman reacts differently to pregnancy. Not all symptoms are a good or a bad sign. You will not necessarily feel something other than what you felt during the hormone treatment. As two weeks is a very short time to experience a strong physical reaction from the body to pregnancy, it is best to wait for the pregnancy test.

Can I do a pregnancy test before the date specified by the Doctor?

We recommend testing for pregnancy on the date indicated by the Doctor. If you do it too early, you may receive a false negative which would have been positive at 2 weeks. Additionally, you should continue the hormonal treatment until the specified date. You may interrupt the treatment, but only after speaking with the medical staff at Eugin.

It is vitally important that you follow the prescribed treatment during the first weeks of pregnancy to avoid the risk of miscarriage. During Assisted Reproduction the treatment involves taking hormones in quantities greater than normal, this in turn reproduces the pattern of hormone levels early in pregnancy.

What do we do while we wait for the pregnancy test?

The hours after receiving the treatment are very intense emotionally for the patient. Some people decide to go home because there is no inconvenience in travelling. Although we recommend that you spend the first night in Barcelona, this is entirely up to you.

Other recommendations we make to patients who have undergone fertility treatment are: no smoking, avoiding stress, no intense exercise or heavy lifting. With regard to food, we recommend that you eat healthy and avoid foods and beverages such as alcohol, coffee, soft cheese, or raw fish. Apart from these things, you can lead a normal life.

We are aware that emotions are intense during this time we, therefore, recommend that you keep your mind occupied with other matters prior to the pregnancy test.