The solution to all fertility problems

EUGIN Clinic is at the cutting edge of all assisted reproduction treatments currently in force and is firmly positioned within the legal framework regulating Spanish law. We always rely on scientific evidence when it comes to making our medical diagnoses and performing our treatments.

No waiting lists

Your patients will have access to our treatment without any delay whatsoever. The possibility to perform most complementary laboratory tests on the first visit to the clinic can streamline the entire process significantly. If your patients already have tests that you have done in your consulting room, most of them will be useful for the treatment.

Your patient always remains your patient

EUGIN Clinic will provide all services concerning the area of assisted reproduction but your patient will always remain your patient. As soon as she gets pregnant, the patient will go back to you to be taken care of during what are such important processes, namely pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, throughout the entire treatment process at the clinic, your opinions and recommendations will be taken into consideration as you are the person who knows the patient best and who can help us to assess the case as a whole.


Our patients come from all over the world. That is why our services are offered in 9 different languages. From reception to the doctor’s consulting room, your patients will be cared for in their native language, which will facilitate higher quality and provide not only enhanced communication, but will also make them feel welcome.

Adaptability to the patient

At EUGIN Clinic we are fully aware of the route the patients have had to take to get to our consulting rooms. The route may not always have been easy and, at times, might have been preceded by previous treatment failures. That is why we always try to adapt to patients and their needs, whether personal or related to their work, which can determine the carrying out of treatments in specific periods of time. EUGIN has a patient care service 365 days a year and a 24-hour helpline.


We are aware that reproduction problems can be a source of stress on the person and the couple and of the importance for patients to feel understood. That is why EUGIN has a psychology support team consisting of professionals with empathic and emotional skills, allowing us to adapt and respond to both the technical as well as human needs of our patients at all times. The human side and the emotional dimension constitute an essential part of the treatment for these patients.


Since its very beginnings EUGIN Clinic has wanted to belong to those organizations that are recognized as effective managers of procedures and protocols, efficient resources and satisfied customers. Our organization is also a benchmark in the sector for being the first fertility clinic in Spain to implement an Integrated Management System for quality, the environment and occupational risks, which is internationally recognized. EUGIN Clinic is also the first clinic in Spain to boast the IVF-Witness Security system.

IVF-Witness is a sample identification system that reinforces the already sound manual identification system used by the clinic until now. Thus, the system incorporates technology and patient in the sample identification circuit, which generates enormous peace of mind and increases our patients’ trust.


Confidentiality is one of the core values of any medical action and one of the issues which is most valued and demanded by our patients.

At EUGIN Clinic we are characterized by a discreet and totally confidential treatment of all data and communications, both with our patients as well as with their reference physicians. In addition, the clinic has special circuits for patients who, because of their professional or personal associations, need to be attended by a reduced subset of the clinic’s staff.

Scientific credibility

EUGIN Clinic boasts scientific publications in the most prestigious journals on assisted reproduction. Our results, as well as our serious and continued dedication, have made this possible. Since June 2013, we have had a research laboratory in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), where basic research projects are developed in collaboration with Spanish and international universities. To all this must be added the ongoing training received by our medical staff, which not only keeps the technical media up-to-date, but also the scientific knowledge of our doctors.

The best results

Our results rates are well above the European average. The serious and constant work, always based on scientific rigor and excellence, has made this task possible.

Success Rates

It’s easy to contact us

One of the keys to our success is how easy we make it for both patients and health professionals to contact us. In the case of Euginmed, you will have a fast and approachable communication portal at your disposal, in which you can give your opinions and know what stage your patients’ treatment is at.

Vast experience

Since its founding in 1999, EUGIN Clinic has helped more than 15,000 women achieve the dream of parenthood. In 2012 alone, we performed about 8,000 treatments, with 5,000 IVFs, of which more than 3,000 were egg donation treatments.

All donor phenotypes available

Barcelona is a city which because of its history and its cultural and social influence features people from very different backgrounds. This not only provides our donation programme with great versatility and adaptability, with donors of all backgrounds and phenotypes, but also influences our way of approaching the treatments and adapting to patients and their cultural connotations.

Cela permet une grande variété et adaptabilité non seulement à notre programme de don, qui peut compter sur des donneurs de toute provenance et phénotypes, mais aussi sur notre façon de diriger les traitements et de nous adapter aux patientx et à ses particularités culturelles.

Last Updated: February 2020