Eugin Clinic, leader in assisted reproduction in Europe, integrates within the multidisciplinary medical group NMC Healthcare

With over 40 years’ experience in the health sector, NMC is a large, international-scale medical and hospital group

The Eugin team are pleased to announce our integration within the NMC Healthcare Group. Created in 1975, NMC Healthcare is the largest health complex in the UAE. The group has 12 hospitals, seven of which are large health facilities. The group attended to more than 2 million patients in 2014.

The medical staff comprises 600 professionals covering 30 different medical specialties, including cardiac surgery, urology, andrology, neurosurgery, trauma and orthopaedic surgery and minimally invasive surgery, among others, all of which are carried out in high-ranking hospital settings.

NMC Healthcare has also specialized in women’s health. Standing out among its health centres is the Brightpoint Royal Women’s Hospital, which covers all areas related to the treatment and promotion of health in women.

Eugin, leader in assisted reproduction in Europe, contributes to this large hospital group through its successful track record of more than 15 years as well as its 230 healthcare professionals who are specialized in helping thousands of women around the world achieve their dream of becoming mothers. Now Eugin, as part of NMC, will continue to grow and establish itself at the forefront of the sector.

NMC Healthcare already enjoys strategic alliances with prestigious universities such as the Universitats Klinikum Freiburg in Germany and medical partnerships with international hospitals like Universitats Spital in Zurich, Switzerland, which will create greater synergies. These agreements will add to the existing partnerships Eugin already has.

This shared vision will further provide Eugin with the chance to offer a multidisciplinary service tailored to the ethical, cultural and individual needs of our patients. In the words of the founder of NMC, Dr. BR Shetty, “This agreement gives us the opportunity to lead the integration of the different aspects of women’s health, from paediatrics and fertility to obstetrics”.

Dr. Valérie Vernaeve, General Medical Director of the Eugin group says: “This integration opens up new opportunities that benefit our patients. Our research capacity continues to grow, and supplements our tireless effort to provide the best care and greatest opportunities for more and more women and couples from all over the world.”

In short, Eugin and NMC are aligned in maintaining a philosophy of continuous improvement, which will enable them to achieve high standards of service to our patients, through ethical behaviour, good medical practice and adapting our understanding of assisted reproduction in accordance with cultural aspects and specific needs.