The medication list for the donor contains an excessive dose for young women or does not fit with a stimulation cycle.

With regard to medication for the donor, our system is based on a concern for fairness among our patients,and is non-profit making. For example, if we cancel a patient because her donor who has been punctured has obtained 3 mature oocytes, instead of asking her to annul the treatment and start again, our system allows us to take advantage of the endometrial preparation initiated, and prioritize this patient with the next donor of her characteristics. Following the logic of one medication per donor, this patient should then pay for the medication twice, since there have been two punctured and stimulated donors for her. The same would happen if a donor is canceled during the period of stimulation because of low response.

However, we don’t think it is the fairest system. To this must be added the advantage that, after a third attempt, patients no longer provide the medication for the donor, which is at the clinic’s expense. That is why the treatment you provide does not correspond to a complete cycle of stimulation of a donor, with medication for the stimulation, deceleration, ovulation and antibiotic treatments prior to puncture, you and all the patients make a contribution to a “pool of solidarity,” the clinic does the rest. The doses of these donor stimulations are not the same for all. One donor will need less medication, and another, more. In our opinion, this is a fairer system for our patients.

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